Our Concept

BeOSL – Your Dosimetry System Grows With Your Business

The BeOSL reader meets all demands, from the use in operational dosimetry with a few monitored persons up to the use in large personnel monitoring services with more than a million readouts a year. Adding readout capacity is as easy as adding one or more identical BeOSL readers. Let your BeOSL-System grow with your business whenever you want!

Modular Concept

BeOSL, our new optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry system defines a milestone in the field of personnel monitoring of ionizing radiation.

The core piece of the BeOSL system is the reader. Well-engineered design, top class components, and manufacturing in Germany ensure millions of readouts without a noticeable down time. The reader can be operated either manually or in a cluster in conjuction with a commercially available robot. Further automation such as dosimeter packing and unpacking, as well as reader feeding can be added on request. Dosimetrics will be more than glad to provide your dosimetry service with a customized solution.

Manual System:

Automated System:


See the fully automated process as installed in the Munich dosimetry service on Youtube.

New Technology For Future Tasks

Our new BeOSL dosimetry system is raising the bar in personnel dosimetry.

If you intend to start your own dosimetry system or to modernize your existing monitoring service, our new BeOSL system is what you should be looking for!