Enhancing a dosimetry service is easy with our variety of premium accessories. Our accessory offerings vary from holders and blisters to sealing and cutting devices. Whether the dosimetry service is small, large or something in between; our solutions are an essential addition to the BeOSL System.

Our BeOSL Accessories are designed to be integrated with either existing or new BeOSL Systems.


We are happy to help aesthetically customize your dosimeter holder to fit to your company. Dosimetrics offers a wide range of dosimeter holders. This makes it easy for you to pick the right solution for both you and your customers’ needs. Learn more.

Logistic Process

Depending on your company’s size and structure of processes, you may be looking for a way to handle your logistics and packaging. Blistering, Labeling, Packing and Unpacking – all these features can go hand in hand with our logistics solutions. Our specialized staff is ready to assist you in creating your own personal logistics’ concept that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us!