Partial Body Dosimetry Accessories

There are a variety of BeOSLPartial Body Dosimeter accessories options available. We provide options that fit best to the user’s needs. Our products are designed to work with dosimetry services of all sizes.

Adapter Clip for Beosl eye lens dosimeter

The Adapter Clip works seamlessly with the BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter. The Adapter Clip securely holds the dosimeter with the use of the Mounting Tool (Article No. 4020). The user places the dosimeter (fitted with an ezClip, Article No. 1003) inside the Adapter Clip and uses the Mounting Tool to securely close it inside of the clip. The Adapter Clip is an excellent option for clamping to an array of radiation protection accessories including a visor, surgical cap, headband, etc.

headband and headband adapter for the beosl eye lens dosimeter

Firstly, there is the Headband Adapter (b — featured in the photo to the left) option which securely holds the BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter with our Headband. The Eye Lens Dosimeter Mounting Tool (e — featured in the photo to the left)  provides assistance in fitting the dosimeter into the adapter. The Headband Adapter is available in various colors to help with group allocation and routine schedules.

labels for the beosl finger ring and eye lens dosimeter (no Id)

These labels pair perfectly to the “No-ID” BeOSL Finger Ring and Eye Lens Dosimeter. They are available in the color white and come with 5,000 pieces on one roll. The labels can be purchased with a fixed ID, customized the user’s liking or completely blank. If the user opts for the blank option, there is a printer available as well.

radiation goggles

Another option for wearing the BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter is with radiation goggles. The goggles work best with our Adhesive Adapter; this allows the user to place and glue the BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter safely into the radiation goggles. It is also designed to be paired with MAVIG radiation goggles.