BeOSL Equipment

BeOSL, our new optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry system, defines a milestone in the field of personnel monitoring of ionizing radiation.

The core pieces of the BeOSL system are our BeOSL Dosimeters and the BeOSL Reader. They go hand-in-hand with our BeOSL Eraser and BeOSL Irradiator. Our Quality Assurance solution helps keep the quality standards of dosimetry as high as possible. Well-engineered design, top class components, and manufacturing in Germany ensure millions of readouts without a noticeable down time. Our BeOSL Equipment pairs with our Automation solutions in addition to various Accessory options. Even automation for logistic processes including dosimeter packing and unpacking are available. Dosimetrics is ready to provide a customized solution for any sized dosimetry service.

Feel free to take a look at our BeOSL Data Sheets:

BeOSL System

Whole Body Dosimeter

BeOSL ezClip

BeOSL Finger Ring

BeOSL Eye Lens Dosimeter

BeOSL Area Dosimeter

BeOSL Eraser

BeOSL Quality Assurance

Robotic Table

Cartridge Based Automation


BeOSL Software