Preformed Blister

The Preformed Blister is a plastic holder that is designed to perfectly fit the BeOSL Two-Element Dosimeter. The blister is sealed on only one side and the three other sides are open. It is called a blister as it can be sealed or “blistered” close to securely hold the dosimeter.

Support Frame

For extra security when wearing the dosimeter, the user can also seamlessly fit the Preformed Blisters into our Support Frame. The Support Frame is available in red, yellow, green, blue and pink to tailor exactly to a dosimetry service’s wants and needs. The various colors allow the user to coordinate different grouping allocation (i.e., per reading period) for clear and easy organization.

There is an optional Strap Clip available which safely and comfortably clips the Support Frame or the Preformed Blister to the user’s clothing.

Holder Case

The second holder option is a combination of a holder case and a pin. The semi-transparent Holder Case uses a small pin (Pin for Holder Case) to make a secure closure. It seamlessly fits the BeOSL Two-Element Dosimeter.  This holder case can be reused for multiple users. This way of sustainability allows the dosimetry service to be able to cut costs on their accessory spending. Also, the optional Strap Clip is available to easily secure the Holder Case to the user.

Envelope holder

This is another option for holding the BeOSL Two-Element Dosimeter, the Envelope Holder. It seals with its own Sealing Machine. There are three variances of the Sealing Machine: Standard, Medium and Large. These envelopes do not require an opening device and can be cut open (e.g., with a scissors). The Envelope Holder pairs perfectly with the Strap Clip to secure the dosimeter to the user.

Holder with Built-in Metal Clip

This plastic holder comes in two pieces: a front and back. It securely fits the BeOSL Two-Element Dosimeter and has a built-in metal clip for secure wearing. The user can close the holder shut with their own hands and it opens easily with an opening tool.

Download Data Sheet: Accessories – Holders