Area Dosimeter

beosl area dosimeter

In today’s world, area dose monitoring is becoming increasingly more relevant. Area dose measuring is a necessity when extra safety measures have to be met. At times, regulation requires that spaces next a source of radiation have to be monitored with area dosimeters in addition to personal dosimeters. The BeOSL Area Dosimeter is an essential addition to the BeOSL System and smoothly integrates into both new and existing equipment.

The BeOSL Area Dosimeter functions a lot like to the BeOSL Dosimeter, however, a number of adjustments have been made. These changes help meet the user’s needs and provide safety. The BeOSL Area Dosimeter measures radiation exposure in terms of ambient dose equivalent H*(10).

As it is a BeOSL Dosimeter, the detector material remains beryllium oxide (BeO) and is readout via optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). Also, it can be read, erased and prepared with the BeOSL Reader and Eraser. LabClient or WorkFlow software support all processes too. To receive the highest quality and results for the BeOSL Area Dosimeter, a new algorithm was developed for our software.

Download Data Sheet: BeOSL Area Dosimeter