Whole Body Dosimeters

BeOSL Dosimeters

Our BeOSL Dosimeters are personal dosimeters for measuring the personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0,07). Sintered ceramic beryllium oxide (BeO) detectors are readout on the principle of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL). BeO is more tissue equivalent than any other commercially used OSL material and therefore ideal for personal dosimetry. With its great range of use, our BeOSL Dosimeters are perfect for almost all applications of whole body dosimetry. We deliver only calibrated dosimeters. This is necessary as all BeO detectors have a different OSL sensitivity.

More information about the OSL Technology, the fundamental part of our BeOSL Dosimeters can be found here.

Two-Element Dosimeters

The two-element version carries two BeO detectors. For each unit (Hp(10) and Hp(0,07)) only one detector is used which is possible because of its excellent tissue equivalence of the BeO material. The two-element dosimeter shields the Hp(10) detector with a filter made of Teflon. This layer decreases in the area of the Hp(0,07) detector to have the least possible shielding against radiation. The protection against mechanical influence and light is exceptional. The small and lightweight design are easily wearable and provide seamless handling.

four-Element Dosimeters

The four-element version has two additional detectors that are shielded by both with copper and lead. This combination receives information over a wide energy range. Our algorithm delivers a higher accuracy and more information on the irradiated radiation quality.

Download Data Sheet: Dosimeter