There are many factors that go into having accurate dose measurements which is exactly why BeOSL Software is designed to aid the user with ease and flexibility. Every BeOSL System comes equipped with a software package that fits with the exact size and needs of a dosimetry service. Our different options of software and services include the following:

BeOSL LabClient

LabClient is a management software for both dose measurements and handling the manual system. It comes user-ready with the Reader Control PC. With its on-screen messages and self-explanatory images, LabClient leads the user through the entire process of reading, erasing and preparing the dosimeters. Also, the software enables a fully automatic recalibration of the Reader. LabClient has the option to save and export results. All of the software’s functions are detailed in the LabClient Manual which is included with every manual BeOSL Reader.

Web frontend

Web Frontend is an automated operational software for both dose measurement and dosimeter handling. Web Frontend pairs seamlessly with  our automatic solutions including the Robotic Table and Cartridge Based Automation. Both of these automatic options are connected to a work flow control software. This provides the user with setting adjustments and options. The Robotic Table and Cartridge Based Automation are ready to be customized to fit any routine. They give the users quick results and dosimeters are tracked with ease. This allows for an optimal work routine. Web Frontend’s Expert Mode allows the user to retrieve raw data and information which assures excellent and precise processes. It also provides many features to export and mine data. The best part is that Web Frontend’s smart features are able to be utilized as an Export Mode for LabClient users.


AdMonDo is a software used for administrating area and environmental dosimetry. Click here for more information.

Software Services

We also offer a variety of software services including maintenance, software development and software updates. Our IT and Support teams can provide software integration into third party products as well.

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