Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) dosimeter is an essential solution to ensure the best reader calibration possible. The QA is easy to manage and provides automatic recalibration for its users. Combined with our software, BeOSL Reader calibration can be done quickly allowing the user more accuracy and time.

QA FlexKit

There are two ways the QA dosimeters can be used. The first option is to rent them already irradiated as a QA flexKit. The QA flexKit contains QA dosimeters irradiated by a German quality-checked irradiation facility, control dosimeters (also called “Controls”) to consider natural background (i.e., by air freight) and/or inevitable radiation (i.e., during customs inspections) as the QA flexKit was created in an accredited lab. It comes with an irradiation certificate.

The process for getting a QA flexKit is simple. Just use our online tool to determine the amount of QA and Control Dosimeters you need. Our Technical and Sales Support Team can help you with this calculation and get the next steps started. We provide individual solutions to ensure what’s best for every customer. Our software helps guide the user through the quick and easy QA process (see the Lab Client Manual for further details). Combined with our software, the QA dosimeters and control dosimeters provide automatic calibration to the user. This means safe, precise measurements are always accessible.

QA Dosimeters: Purchase Option

The second option is that the QA Dosimeters can be purchased. If the user opts for this option, then their QA Dosimeters have to be irradiated by a local irradiation lab.

Download Data Sheet: Quality Assurance