AdMonDo – Administration Software For Area And Environmental Dosimetry

Dosimetrics launched a new software-based administration system developed for area and environmental dosimetry – AdMonDo.

AdMonDo is specially developed for area and environmental dosimeters and supports our customers in managing comprehensive administrative tasks as well as in calculating area dose and measurement uncertainties and in checking the plausibility of measurement results via outlier tests. AdMonDo provides easy-to-use and significant result reports.

AdMonDo meets our customers’ needs due to its flexible scalability, internationalisation and country-specific software adaptations.

Basic Functions

Thanks to an intuitive and simple handling AdMonDo provides our customers with the following basic functions:

  • Overview of information displayed on the start page
  • Print and export functions (i.e. MS Excel)
  • Use of label printer
  • Management of AdMonDo customers
  • Editing of templates for serial letters
  • Use of a barcode scanner for processing dosimeter numbers

Dosimeter Management

AdMonDo is specially developed for 3 dosimeter types:

  • TLD card type T7 (Measurement of photon area dose)
  • TLD card type T6 (Measurement of photon and neutron area dose)
  • Glass dosimeter SC2 (Measurement of photon area dose within buildings)

AdMonDo allows four monitoring periods of 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. The beginning and end of each monitoring period can be individually entered and invoiced.

As the result of a flexible master data management, several local operations can be created for each customer. In turn each local operation is able to manage several dosimeter types.

The shipping of dosimeters will be carried out individually per local operation. AdMonDo calculates the shipping date automatically.

With regards to invoicing AdMonDo provides besides a standardized invoicing solution, a negative booking operation as well as booking changes without calculating the result.

The invoicing of articles, e.g. dosimeter accessories, is an AdMonDo standard service as well as calculating late fees by individual adjustment of the price parameters.

AdMonDo provides a front end order form that allows to fill in a variety of information, e.g. dosimeter types, duration and the start date of the monitoring period.

Calculation of Area Dose

The result of all 3 dosimeter types is the area dose Hp or Hn including measurement uncertainties and background subtraction. The area dose data will be rounded by AdMonDo to three decimal places in mSy. This applies to all 3 dosimeter types.

Calculation of Raw Measurement Values

By interface communication with other systems, AdMonDo provides the following data for calculating the raw measured values of photon dose and neutron dose (without calibration factor).

TLD card type T6 and T7:

  • Card number
  • Dosimeter type
  • Measuring date and time
  • Fade days
  • 4 Measuring results
  • Result of glow curve outlier tests

Glass dosimeter SC2:

  • Reading of evaluation file with measuring values and fade days
Calculation of Area Dose

AdMonDo calculates the background subtraction, the neutron area dose (T6 dosimeter) as well as the photon area dose (T7 and SC2 dosimeter).

Subsequent modifications of the monitoring period will automatically lead to a new calculation of the area dose.

AdMonDo offers the possibility to add remarks, e.g. about various dosimeter states.

Calculation of Measurement Uncertainties

By taking into account the statistical uncertainty of measured value, the uncertainty of calibration factor and the uncertainty of background subtraction,

AdMonDo calculates the uncertainty of:

  • raw measured values of photon dose and neutron dose (without calibration factor)
  • dose measurement results of photon area dose (T7 and SC2 dosimeter) and neutron area dose (T6 dosimeter) without background subtraction. In addition, those results will be shown in the final result report.
  • area dose of neutrons (T6 dosimeter) and photons (T 7 and SC2 dosimeter) including background subtraction

Outlier Tests, Parameter Table, Result Report and Additional Services

AdMonDo checks the plausibility of measured values with so-called outlier tests (T6 and T7 dosimeters) or in the case of albedo dosimeters the glow curve form is being tested. An identified outlier will be transferred to a special list for dosimeters which have to be reviewed.

Besides an extensive parameter table, AdMonDo provides a clearly laid-out result report with all significant data at a glance.

In addition, AdMonDo offers helpful special services like data cleansing of older systems with following data transfer to AdMonDo via interface communication.


For further and more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us!