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Our modern world can be complicated – so you should keep your dosimetry easy. We are your one-source solution. Our core technology, BeOSL is a state-of-the-art personnel dosimetry system that grows with your business. To meet all of your needs, we have a wide range of software solutions, options for automation and logisitic concepts.

Your Partner for the Future Tasks

Dosimetrics is the dosimetry partner you should be looking for. Our focus is on you. We see ourselves as a service-oriented company that is offering tailor-made concepts to fit to your specific needs. To assure this  superior level of quality for our customers, we are an ISO 9001 accredited company.

Products & Services

We offer exactly what you need to successfully run your monitoring service. Our whole concept is modular; meaning your dosimetry system will grow with you and your business. You simply integrate more options whenever you need them. With our team’s support and service, you are always ready for the future.

Watch our Dosimeters and BeOSL Equipment go hand-in-hand with the Robotic Table, Blistering and Packing and Unpacking Machine. All of these are complemented by our Software, Quality Assurance and Services in the background.

BeOSL Concept

Be Smart

Be smart like many customers all over the world! From small entrepreneurial start-ups to some of the biggest monitoring services in the world: they all treasure the simplicity of handling their BeOSL system and the many possibilities that come along with it. Our system adapts to your business and processes – not the other way around!

Be Safe

Be safe because this is our common focus. Sustainable high-quality equipment combined with outstanding reliability and repeatability makes you and your customers feel protected. BeOSL is the future of dosimetry and the future is now.

About us

Dosimetrics is a spin-off from the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, German Research Center for Environmental Health.

The BeOSL System was developed by our partners:

The “Auswertungsstelle”, part of the Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, is the official personnel dosimetry service for Bavaria and 4 other German federal states. With nearly 2 million measurements per year, the “Auswertungsstelle” is the largest provider of dosimetry services in Europe.

The Radiation Physics Group of the Technical University Dresden emerged in 2003 from the Institute of Radiation Protection Physics which roots back in 1957. Over the years it became a center of excellence for radiation interaction, radiation transport calculation, and solid state dosimetry, disciplines that are key to our products.

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