Automation means bringing your processes to life and giving our users more time to take care of other tasks. Our automation concept allows the dosimetry system to work on its own. This model is just what you need to become more efficient and independent. Offering tailor-made solutions is not only our vision and claim; it is exactly what we do. With our expertise and years of experience, we can offer you the ideal state of automation your company is looking for today and the future.

Cartridge-Based Automation

This solution is the right choice for small, young and ambitious monitoring services. The system is based on dosimeter cartridges which are processed automatically. Reading, erasing, preparing – the Cartridge-Based Automation will boost your routine processes and raise your quantity significantly.

Robotic Table

The robotic table is the perfect choice for bigger businesses or the ones planning to become one. Handling dosimeters as bulk cargo and the power of up to five BeOSL devices at once prepare you for your next step. A maximum output of dosimeters with the possibility of running independent night shifts allow your company to experience new limits – without changing your dosimetry equipment!

Download: Robotic Table Brochure