BeOSL Eraser

The BeOSL Eraser compliments the BeOSL Reader in every BeOSL System. Contrary to the BeOSL Reader, the BeOSL Eraser removes irrevocably all dose information from the dosimeter. Subsequently the dosimeter can be assigned to either the same or a new user.


The BeOSL Eraser can be operated either manually or in a cluster in conjunction with one of our solutions for automation. It is designed to erase the 2-element and 4-element version of our BeOSL Dosimeters. Our BeOSL Eraser is as intelligent as all of our BeOSL Equipment. It can identify the dosimeter it is erasing. So it knows exactly what erasing time the dosimeter needs and applies it to the dosimeter. This speeds your process up and saves you both time and money. Due to the strength of the erasing stimulus, dosimeter identification and variable erasing times, a manually operated BeOSL Eraser can process more than 90 dosimeters per hour or more.