BeOSL Irradiator

The BeOSL Irradiator rounds out the BeOSL System. It is a device for manually or automatically exposing BeOSL Dosimeters to radioactive radiation. It can be used to verify the calibration factors of dosimeters, irradiate QA dosimeters or do test irradiations.


The BeOSL Irradiator is designed to irradiate 2-element and 4-element BeOSL Dosimeters and, of course, it can also be operated either manually or in conjunction with one of our solutions for automation. As the BeOSL Reader and BeOSL Irradiator, the BeOSL Irradiator automatically extracts the card with the detector elements from the dosimeter assembly. After the irradiation process the card is pushed back into the assembly and the dosimeter is ready for your readout. The easy handling and the short erasing times both lead to a quick process. For an exemplary dose of 2 mSv you could process more than 100 dosimeters per hour manually.