Dosimetrics Joins Mirion

Dec 1st was an important day for us. On this day, Dosimetrics became a part of the Mirion family!

This was not an easy decision to make, but, in the end, Gerd and Reiner decided on the best interest of our products, their long‑term development, our customers and our employees. In the last years, the dosimetry landscape has changed significantly.

In light of these recent changes, Dosimetrics needs a strong global partner in order to continue on its successful path and provide you with the best possible products and services.

Now part of Mirion’s Dosimetry Services Division (DSD), we will continue to operate as we have. There will be no changes in operations, staffing, contracts and relationships. Most important: Gerd and Reiner remain Managing Directors. We have been working with DSD since 2014 and always in a very trustful way. We have made friendships and this does not only apply to Gerd and Reiner. We have been assured by the Division President, Lou Biacchi, to get all the support from DSD we will need.